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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If The Shoe Fits

I wore my still life to art group; it was easier than shlepping some other stuff along in a bag along with my bag of markers, colored pencils and pads. And, of course, my still life was the shoes on my feet and the scarf around my neck--plus the scarf I threw in my valise. I love patterns all mixed up.

These mules, like the wedgies, are destined for Puerto Vallarta. They're my airplane shoes--the easy off, easy on kind that clear security effortlessly. They will hoof it to the marina too (a place people say we're going to want to hoof to often) when I tire of looking chic in my shorts with the higher heel wedgies and I want my stride back.

I have two pair. These are the newest and cleanest.The other mules have been reduced to studio wear by a spot of dioxinine purple or three. I can't bear to throw them out though; they have Niki Air soles, pure pleasure on hard cement. Cole Haan says his cobblers can make them new again if I asked, but I haven't. With drops of paint added, they personalize my studio footwear colorful as they should be. The shoes definitely fit.

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