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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Burning Knees Save Woman from Design Disaster

Sitting at my kitchen peninsula icing my knees and watching Oprah, my faucet caught my eye. It was on its way out. It was broken and couldn't be fixed. No replacement parts were available; our model had been discontinued. We had plans to replace it with one of the newer, seventeen inch tall models that look like bar faucets, only much more elaborate. Honey got a good deal.--But how good was it?

A designer of kitchens for twenty some odd years, I had never considered making a faucet a focal point,yet I was going to have one sitting smack dab in the middle of my peninsula in the middle of my kitchen screaming "look at me"! Out of the question. Honey and I would have to go back to the books. Deal or no deal, classic clean lines and low profile with no bells and whistles was all I ever wanted to deliver the city's water. KISS.

Sitting at the peninsula icing my burning knees brought me to my senses,saved my design integrity and years of my life spent staring at an overly embellished, trendy monstrosity that would have driven me crazy--priceless.

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