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Monday, March 29, 2010

As I Was Saying...

It seems I'm not done with this.

It seems I've been bullied into making a painting out of this side attraction. And it seems I'm not finished. I can still see some compositional elements that need attention. The cadmium red line needs a dry brush. The charcoal lines need fixative first or perhaps something stronger? India ink? The yellow could be enhanced. Fooling around again with this little picture, it could be I'm avoiding the big picture? But then, it did get off to such a nice start the other day, why hurry to F it up?

I'm off to my MRI, the second step to getting my bum knee repaired. I thought I was going to need a replacement, but the doc's first x-ray showed it just needed some minor adjustment--like my little bonus painting here. Sanding the spur off a patella should be as simple as making a brush stroke, as long as I have the right artist.

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