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Friday, February 5, 2010

One Shoe on One Shoe Off

I've met my match with this shoe. It was a challenge. I only got this far last night and will probably start over tonight. I love the way the laces crisscross and intertwine. That's why I cropped the drawing to zero in on that detail and applied colored borders for emphasis and enhancement.

Then I thought I should show you the whole truth: the shoe is missing its mate; the position of both shoes on the paper is awkward. Paper's too small, blah, blah.

Cropping and adding borders in the publishing process allowed me to save the drawing, just as it would if I actually cut out what I liked with a scissors, matted and framed it. But no matter how good I could make it look with matte borders and frames, the fact remains that this is a poor drawing.

Making art, it's important to know which pieces have merit and which pieces you should doctor and give away to your Aunt Fae for Hanukkah. The fact that you can produce bad art on some days and good art on others is also why to drawing/paint everyday. You just don't know when the good days will be and you certainly don't want to miss them.

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