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Monday, February 22, 2010

I Just Can't Shake That Tree

I woke up this morning with a delightful idea: why not paint a beach ball where Honey's face should be and put an end to all this tedium?

Then I could trash the calculated pencil drawing I finished yesterday to study tonal values and forget about the small painting I planned for today AND GO SHOPPING.

But this apple just can't shake that tree. Getting Honey's parts to go together to make Honey Honey fascinates me.

Obviously,portraiture is not for the artist who just wants to have fun. The genre is every bit as demanding as my interior space planning where my precise calculations, very specific dimensions and carefully drafted drawings determine the safety and comfort of the folks who will move through those spaces when constructed. I was trying to get away from that with this blog. Instead, I'm stuck constructing grid systems, evaluating tonal values and doing precision drawings for another kind of construction. I'm such a glutton.

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