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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tootsie Roll Pops One More Time

At least for this group of Tootsie Roll Pops; Honey is hungrily eyeing a red one. I'm certain one will be missing soon and this still life will have moved on to being something else. Aside from Tootsie Roll pops as subject matter, I adore big red radishes in a white bowl. I have to draw/paint them very fast before I only have the white bowl in front of me...

What's the difference between a drawing and a painting? Medium? Background support? Durability. Drawings are done with pens with ink and leads in pencil form--But then there's graphite sticks, charcoal and pastels that are all done on paper, preferably 100% rag. The thicker paints, acrylic and oil, are done on sturdier grounds--canvas and boards. They're more durable and can stand quite a bit of exposure to our polluted air and daylight without the protection of UV rated glass. And though, for that reason, the museum houses its' drawings separate from its' paintings, I still think that drawings and paintings are the same. When I'm drawing, I'm painting and when I paint, I'm drawing.

Then there's Watercolor. It is the exception. It's technically both a drawing and a painting: a fluid medium ,(though vulnerable to rain and spilled coffee), done on a ground easily worn thin if mishandled. Turner and Marsden are my favorite watercolorists. No flowers there.

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